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Influence of Media on Young Peoples Opinions

Impact of Media on Young Peoples Opinions The broad communications impacts individuals and particularly on the more youthful age. It assumes a significant job in molding the conclusions and places of youngsters. Contend possibly in support of this announcement. Quynh Huong Ly As correspondence advances and stages proceed to progress and advance, the broad communications is progressively turning into an increasingly powerful factor in present day society. It is an integral asset that strongly affects the populace all in all and in especially on the more youthful age. In present day society, the broad communications can shape both the conclusions and places of the more youthful age who are progressively inquisitive and can all the more effectively be affected. This can make new societies, however can likewise change ways of life somewhat by molding suppositions and positions. This article will talk about the three significant impacts that the broad communications has on the more youthful ages and their belongings in supporting the announcement â€Å"The broad communications affects individuals and particularly on the more youthful age. It assumes a significant job in molding the conclusions and places of youthful people†. Right off the bat, promotion s are changing youthful people groups sees on excellence ideas and invigorate utilization. Also, the impacts of online life stages, for example, Facebook are molding conduct patterns and ways of life. At long last, music has shape feelings and a wellspring of motivation in making new profession thoughts for the more youthful individuals. These days, notices have incredible capacity to affect minds and make new propensities among the more youthful ages. Enormous pieces of their lives are associated with commercials through different types of media, for example, the radio, movies and magazines. Also, as indicated by Vitelli (2013) â€Å"Television, Commercials, and Your Child†, sponsors attempt to target youngsters by: focusing on new items with unique highlights, creating notices which know about day by day life so crowds don't understand they are watching plugs and causing them to lose the capacity to recognize reality and the promoting that they are observing each day. All the more as of late, with the improvement of increasingly sweeping foundation of broad communications, the a great many messages about flawless the self-perceptions introduced on banners and on network shows have re-molded conclusions on what is the perfect body shape for ladies. The amazing messages have made ladies fixated on the new fema le body measures. Attempting to fit into what is spoken to as alluring by the broad communications, have caused focused and have negatively affected a few ladies, specifically the more youthful ladies who want to comfort more. A model about the negative impacts of commercials on the youthful ages is developing their unthinkable assumptions regarding appealing appearances by utilizing extravagance pictures of supermodels and famous people, who they plan to resemble (Wikipedia 2014). Along these lines, young people will in general attempt keep their body slender through putting themselves on a tight eating routine, doing exercise or in any event, getting restorative medical procedure while they are forever discontent with their bodies. Likewise, it is proposed that utilizing the dynamic excellence of youngsters for cheap food promoting is additionally one of the reasons for changing dietary patterns and increasing stoutness rates on the adolescent (Ashton 2004). Now and again, they ar e pulled in by the promotions when individuals with great shape, are eating quick nourishments and might feel that it is sound nourishments or in any event, eating them will assist with keeping their bodies in the same class as in the notice. The paces of weight in kids and youth have nearly significantly increased in the last 25 years. Roughly 20% of youth are presently overweight with stoutness rates in preschool age kids speeding up (The effect of food promoting on youth corpulence 2014). In spite of the fact that the job of publicizing in present day society is obvious in light of the fact that it is utilized to both acquaint new items with the general population and is the most limited approach to propel utilization, it is by and large accepted that notices have results on people groups mind, particularly on the more youthful ages since notices for the most part have consistently overstated reality, likewise changed the feelings and places of youngsters. As of late, person to person communication locales have gotten more mainstream than any other time in recent memory, they likewise legitimately sway on conduct of individuals, especially on young people how as they conclude how to interface one another and how to regard their connections. Long range informal communication locales have become a significant upheaval in the public eye. There are a ton of focal points that can be related with this, yet a disturbing inclination out of this, is the youngsters appear to be increasingly disconnected in their own reality and don’t figure out how cooperate with society accordingly, they step by step lose their interchanges aptitudes and the closeness of eye to eye connections (Dakin 2014). ) previously, up close and personal was the most ideal way which individuals decided to impart to one another. With the presence of Facebook, peoples’ lives, minds and the practices of the adolescent have changed. Youngsters are exceptionally d ependent on Facebook as they invest a ton of energy in the web to refresh status, post on dividers, and considerably whatever they make. This prompts them overlooking investing energy with families or spending time with companions with the goal for them to sit before PC screen to approve their significance in the public arena. The quantity of â€Å"Likes† they have, the more this approves their certainty (Sameer 2011). Furthermore, the improvement of person to person communication is one reason why the youngsters are turning into the narcissist. As indicated by Harrington (2013), in â€Å"Hey you, it’s about me†, the young people are archiving all that they do in their lives and posting selfies on long range interpersonal communication to get more considerations from others, and beginning to look all starry eyed at themselves. Little youngsters are bound to be disappointed with their shape and weight, regardless of whether they are exceptionally sound and adjust ed from this (Sameer 2011). For instance, with the help of Photoshop advancements, the photographs on Facebook are likely more alluring than the reality. This makes pressures on youngster young ladies attempt to keep their appearances as flawless as the photos on the web. The unrest of interpersonal interaction destinations impacts emphatically on the more youthful ages through changing their perspectives about interchanges in a virtual world. One result of the broad communications that is a major effect on the young is music, which profoundly influences the ways of life of adolescents, the controlling of feelings and working up character on individuals. In current society, there are numerous advances, for example, iPhone, iPod which can adequately associate the young to music where they go. It is accepted that the youthful ages tune in to music while they are eating, contemplating and dozing. Hence, music appears to assume a unique job in forming their assessments and positions. The blast of music recordings on YouTube carries youngsters to another style culture when they will in general duplicate pictures of their golden calves (Wixom 2013). For instance, new design slants regularly approach general society through the whizzes in their music recordings. At the point when the young inquiry and watch the recordings on web, they are effectively pulled in styles of VIPs, so they attempt to dress or let their hair comparative ly to renowned individuals and might think they look all the more alluringly. These days, there are youthful youngsters build up their music vocation in that manner they produce recordings, update them on online sites to impart to individuals. In the event that the music items were fruitful, they could become well known individuals considerably following one day. All things considered they have settled on vocation choices dependent on components of the broad communications. Therefore, advantages of music are motivating and making a great deal of chances for the adolescent to make their fantasies work out as expected (Wixom 2013). Moreover, the verses on music melodies unequivocally impact on brains, feelings and practices of youngsters. The data on the web is commonly uncensored and youngsters additionally are upheld by many pursuit devices. In this manner, they can without much of a stretch be affected their soul by the unconformable verses which can make defiant propensities or th e early sexual attention to youngsters (Holden 2014). For instance, numerous melodies are created dependent on the romantic tale and the occasions, in actuality. Despite the fact that the messages on those melodies may be given by the individual perspectives, yet they despite everything have an extraordinary force. Particularly, when small kids tune in to music continually, they for the most part will in general respond and think as verses in tunes. Subsequently, they know about the issues in the public eye very soon and grow up quicker than their genuine old. In spite of the fact that the impact of music to youngsters with both negative and positive, yet it is bit by bit getting one of the determinants of conduct and thinking about the more youthful ages. All in all, advanced society has made a significant broad communications unrest with the assistance of the accessibility of all the new innovations accessible, for example, TV, magazine, music, online networking and the web. This has given the broad communications a colossal force in impacting the recognitions and ways of life of the more youthful individuals. It could even be expressed that the discernments and ways of life of the more youthful ages are generally impacted by the data gave by the numerous types of media, as they search based all choices from the data gave on the web. The web is utilized for logical data, amusement and interfacing companions. The thoughts and perspectives from the web are normally gotten from the majority, so they have both constructive and adverse, however youngsters are given the decision to see and accept what is of incentive to them. In this way, they ought to pick the most proper methodology so as to get the best worth that the broad communicatio ns are adding to human. Everything as above have star

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good morning Vietnam essays

great morning Vietnam articles The film Good Morning, Vietnam Directed by Barry Levinson and composed by Mitch Markowitz Had a strong view, that was depicted from multiple points of view, on the jobs of the North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, and American Soldiers. It additionally delineated an away from of the Vietnamese Civilians and Viet Cong. The film started with an obvious depiction of American Soldiers inside the jumbles of an office, and the errors among the high positioning and higher positioning Officers. Robin Williams is brought into the Movie as a clever man intended to be a radio DJ for the American Soldiers battling outside the Office. The high-positioning authorities responsible for the News broadcastings constrained Adrian Cronauer (played by Robin Williams) to communicate the most mellow of new about the war to the troopers; exactly the same warriors who were battling the war. In this was, the movie producer for all intents and purposes hands over to the crowd the way that high positioning authorities needed to practically dazzle sight audience members into believing that the war is just being battled in the hills...that it is, truth be told, not genuine to them, however exceptionally inaccessible. By doing this he shows how, by utilizing purposeful publicity, the news controlled out view [American view] and the warriors sees on the war that we were battling. Deluding the majority to accept what the bunch of significant pioneers felt was important for the majority to accept by keeping them mal-educated and willfully unaware of the real circumstances close by. Alongside the depiction of misguided judgment inside the frustrates of the Vietnam War, the movie producer effectively had the option to serve the crowd with seeing people inside every military perplex. He made the absolute opposite of the anonymous mass purposeful publicity that Dictators, for example, Hitler used to make a subhuman tag for their objectives. Consider the way that when an understudy finds out about mass losses in a war, decades before their time, they just observe the numbe... <!

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Dissecting a Great Cover Letter

Dissecting a Great Cover Letter One type of writing that is often requested (and just as often misunderstood) is the cover letter. There are several different reasons why a cover letter can be requested. A common instance is a request for a cover letter in addition to ones resume when applying for a new job. Another type of cover letter request is for college applications and vocational certification programs, as well as for when applying for scholarships, grants, and other types of financial aid.Regardless of its intent, a great cover letter is usually required if you want to enter a new program in college or a new job in the workforce, and care should be taken in how it is written. In order to help you with the cover letter writing process, weve divided the task up into three separate parts that should be addressed individually. In the following article, we will discuss details on writing each part â€" the introduction, body, and conclusion â€" as well as provide two sample cover letters.IntroductionIn the first paragraph, introduce yourself, the position youre interested in, and the fact that youre the perfect candidate for the position or the program (if applying to graduate program).You really cant go wrong with this simple formula as the entire introduction of your cover letter. Oftentimes, the best introductions are those that are short, to the point, and nicely worded. While its understandable that you want to give the reader a sense of who you are within a few paragraphs, keep in mind that friendly, concise communication is generally preferred when the reader is receiving multiple cover letters at once.Heres an example of an effective introductory paragraph:I was very excited to learn about the website content manager position you have available at New Marketing, and I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the reason I believe I would be the perfect fit for your creative team.In the second [and following] paragraph, discuss two to three highlights of your career and achievements that show why you are the perfect candidate for the job or program.Think of this paragraph and the next (if you include it as part of the body) as a best of, highlighting two or three achievements or career milestones that make you the perfect candidate for the position. If youve received any awards in your field, this is where you might mention them. If you have been entrusted with leadership roles, increased sales by a certain percentage, or any similar accomplishment that would make you stand out from other candidates, include those as well.Much of what you should include within the second and third paragraphs will be dependent on the position you are seeking, or the program to which you are applying. You should tailor the body of your cover letter to the highlights of your career and experience that would be best suited for the position or program. If its an academic program youre applying to and youre supplying a cover letter for that, the body of your letter s hould mention any papers youve written and published, or research that youve presented at conferences. Any experience conducting research is going to be useful in academic programs, so the person who will be reviewing your cover letter will want to know the extent of your involvement with conducting, analyzing, and writing about research.If the purpose of your cover letter is to apply for a position at a new company, the body of your cover letter should mention work youve done in the past that has prepared you for the job youre writing about. Particularly if the job is in a creative field, supplying web links to your online portfolio pieces gives the reader a quick, easy way to get to know your work. If the cover letter is to be sent via e-mail, you can link your portfolio directly from the letter.Heres an example of a paragraph that links to your portfolio:Content is more than copy or text, and it includes the whole graphical interface a website user experiences when online. As por tfolio pieces Ive designed personally on Squarespace, including all graphic and copy elements, the following links will give you a brief glimpse of what I can do as a creative on your team: [link here] and [link here].In the third paragraph, close with expressing your interest in speaking with the hiring or admissions committee, in person, to further explain why youre the perfect candidate for the job or graduate program.In much the same way that the introduction was short and to the point, your conclusion should restate your interest in the position and your hope for a face-to-face meeting. Let them know how to contact you and close it with a friendly salutation. This paragraph can be considered a call to action (a term used in marketing circles) in the sense that you are requesting they take action and call you in for an interview to learn more about you and your candidacy for the program or position.Something like this:I have additional examples that showcase the scope of the wor k I do as a creative in the fields of web design and marketing, and I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further about why I believe I am the perfect candidate for this position. You can contact me by e-mail at [insert e-mail address here] or by phone at [insert phone number here].Or:Although I have written and published multiple pieces in regional magazines, I am most proud of my research on helping low-level readers achieve freedom to read on their own, without assistance, and to develop a love for the act of reading. I hope to continue conducting this type of research in your esteemed program, and I look forward to speaking with you more about my potential as a graduate student.Cover letter formattingWhen writing a cover letter, it is important to keep in mind the same etiquette used in writing letters to an associate or business. Unless it is specifically requested that your cover letter be written as an e-mail, in e-mail format, think of it as a letter that you would send through the postal service, with the recipients name and address â€" along with your name and address â€" included at the top 1/3 of the page. Use easy-to-read font that is between 10 point and 12 point in size, and avoid using colors other than standard blue, gray, or black, depending on the type of paper you will be printing it on.If the letter will be printed, also be sure that the paper you put it on is clean, white, and doesnt have a lot of distracting marks on it (like some stationery might have).Web design sample cover letterYour NameStreet AddressCity, State ZIP CodeDateRecipients NameTitle (if he or she has one)Street AddressCity, State ZIP CodeDear Hiring Manager*:I was very excited to learn about the website content manager position you have available at New Marketing, and I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the reason I believe I would be the perfect fit for your creative team.With extensive experience writing copy across multiple medi a â€" from online content to publishing in local and regional magazines â€" I believe that I will be able to continue to develop creative work that adds to your reputation in the industry. With a bachelors degree in English and a minor in graphic design, I have demonstrated knowledge that I can span both sides of the creative aisle when helping clients with their online brand reputation and content.Content is more than just copy or text, and it includes the whole graphical interface a website user experiences when online. As portfolio pieces Ive designed personally on Squarespace, including all graphic and copy elements, the following links will give you a brief glimpse of what I can do as a creative on your team: here and here.I have additional examples that showcase the scope of the work I do as a creative in the fields of web design and marketing, and I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further about why I believe that I am the perfect candidate for this position . You can contact me by e-mail at [insert e-mail address here] or by phone at [insert phone number here].Sincerely,Your name[*note that it is always preferable to use the name of your intended reader, if you have that information available. If you dont have the information available, sometimes a few phone calls are all it takes to know which exact name to write in the salutation. Dear Sir/Madam is sometimes used, but not preferred, according to most experts. If you can write the readers exact name, your letter will have a better opportunity of having a powerful effect on the reader. Its simply human nature to prefer being addressed by your name.]Admission sample cover letterYour NameStreet AddressCity, State ZIP CodeDateRecipients NameTitle (if they have one)Street AddressCity, State ZIP CodeDear Admissions Committee:Having recently earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from The University of Tennessee, I am interested in applying to your graduate program as a candidate for the Mast ers of Education, with certification to teach English for grades 7-12. I believe that I am the perfect candidate for your program, and I am excited to begin the application process.As an honors award recipient throughout all four years of my undergraduate studies, I have had several opportunities to publish my research and work related to the field of language studies and the English curriculum. The piece that I am most proud of was co-written with Dr. Sarah Helding and entitled, Teaching low-level readers to read through finding what motivates them. This particular study was published in the Journal of American Educators and received glowing reviews from the editors of the journal. The best impact of my research, however, was learning that several school systems in the area, particularly those in urban districts, will be adopting the methods we wrote about in their own classes for struggling readers. Knowing that my research will be put to practical, meaningful use is what encourag es me to continue in this field.Although I have written and published multiple pieces in regional magazines, I am most proud of my research into helping low-level readers achieve freedom to read on their own, without assistance, and to develop a love for the act of reading. I hope to continue conducting this type of research in your esteemed program, and I look forward to speaking with you more about my potential as a graduate student.Sincerely,Your name

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Eating Disorders - 1328 Words

The rise of clinically diagnosed cases of anorexia nervosa nervosa and bulimia nervosa nervosa are increasing over the decades. According to Barlow,Durand and Stewart(2012), eating disorders are found to be more prevalent among women, specifically between the ages of 12 and 25 years of age. Prior to modern research, researchers saw eating disorders as a Western phenomenon due to the fact that non western countries did not have such a wide variety of food available to them. This perspective is now changing. Individuals in other countries (non-western) have been diagnosed with eating disorders as well, however it is not as frequent as the United States or Canada for example(Barlow et al., 2012). The purpose of the paper is to describe†¦show more content†¦With that said, women go to drastic measures such as following a strict diet in order to obtain the â€Å"ideal body image†. Eyal Te’eni-Harari (2013), describe the ways in which the media portrays thin people a nd bigger individuals. Heavier character on TV shows appear to be unattractive and or not sexually desirable. Another key point that was brought from Eyal Te’eni-Harari’s (2013) article is that women have been proven to unconsciously compare themselves to other women especially those that they praise(models/celebrities). With this knowledge, it is fair to place some blame on the media and its â€Å"thin unattainable ideal† and its influence on women and their low self-esteem which in turn may cause an eating disorder (Eyal Te’eni-Harari 2013). In the article â€Å"Eating and Body Image Disturbances Across Cultures: A Review† by Soh, Touyz Surgenor (2006), the authors suggested the possibility of the Western culture influenced the Non- Western into adapting the â€Å"ideal of thinness†. For the reason that Non-Western cultures valued â€Å"thickness† prior to thinness. They also stated that eating disorders other wise known as †Å"non- eating disorders†have been prevalent in other non-westernized countries for centuries (Soh et al., 2006). These researchers also encountered a finding that suggested acculturation of western society played a large role in the non- western world to adopt western traditionsShow MoreRelatedEating Disorders : Eating Disorder1205 Words   |  5 PagesEating Disorders in Today’s World Eating disorders are alive and well in today’s world and they are a major problem. An eating disorder can look like a few different things, ranging from a severe reduction of food intake to over eating to feelings of negativity towards your body shape or weight (Lehigh University). While some disorders can only be found in specific age groups, races, etc., eating disorders can be found amongst all and it does not necessarily have to be pointed towards food (LehighRead MoreEating Disorders : An Eating Disorder1184 Words   |  5 Pagesas an eating disorder. Weir (2016) goes on to explain the origins behind eating disorders in individuals. This topic is important because, in the United States, many women and men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some point in their life. It is important to know the influences that cause an individual to experience an eating disorder. Genetically, or environmentally, or both genetically and environmentally. Anorexia ner vosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder are eatingRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1573 Words   |  7 Pagesaffects people called an â€Å"eating disorder.† Why did you choose this topic? I chose this topic because it is a very prevalent issue in our society today, and a close friend of mine is suffering from an eating disorder. What question(s) did you want to answer or what was your hypothesis regarding this topic? As mammals, there is no chance of escaping the need to consume food in everyday life. However, when it comes to food there can be a major concern of eating too much or eating too little. Doing eitherRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1104 Words   |  5 PagesEating disorder is a serious problem happens in both men and women. Eating disorder is a sort of disease in which a person is having a strange routine of eating like consuming a huge amount of food each time they eat. This can incorporate not eating enough nourishment or indulging. Eating disorder influence many people around the world. The larger part of peoples who are dealing with this issue are ladies. A person with eating disorder issue may focus nonsensically on their weight and shape. EatingRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1410 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"An eating disorder is about anxiety and control and healing from trauma and food and weight are just the tools of destruction† (Floyd, Mim ms, Yelding, 2008). An eating disorder is defined as a severe disturbance in eating behavior. An eating disorder, as defined by our text book for class, is psychological disturbances that lead to certain physiological changes and serious health complications. The three most common and most easily identifiable forms of eating disorders include anorexia nervosaRead MoreEating Disorders : Eating Disorder966 Words   |  4 PagesEating Disorders Many people, both women and men of all ages, suffer from the psychological disorder, eating. Up to thirty million people in the world suffer from some kind of an eating disorder. There a two types of eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, and have several methods of treatment. What is an eating disorder, and what do they cause? Eating disorders are maladaptive and very serious interruptions in eating. They can come in the form of overeating, or not eating enough, they are oftenRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1496 Words   |  6 PagesAn eating disorder is an illness that causes serious disturbances to your everyday diet, such as eating extremely small amounts of food or severely overeating. A person with an eating disorder may have started out just eating smaller or larger amount of food, but as some point, the urge to eat less or more has gotten out of control. Severe distress or concern about body weight or shape may also signal an eating disorder. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and a binge-eatingRead MoreEating Disorders : Eating Disorder1031 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"The eating disorder is a very jealous and abusive partner. It requires a lot of devotion in the extent that you have to devote yoursel f to tending to the anorexia. There s not a lot of time left over for adult life,† was stated by Dr. Doug Bunnell, a specialist in eating disorders. Eating disorders effect a variety of people. Age, race, and gender aren’t role playing keys in eating disorders. Not everyone gets an eating disorder, but if they do then, it will more than likely destroy their livesRead MoreEating Disorders : An Eating Disorder1906 Words   |  8 Pagesobtain their body goal, thus causing an eating disorder. An eating disorder is a psychological condition that is characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits. There are three types of eating disorders; which are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating.These disorders affect all aspects of a person’s life, including their psychological, emotional, and physical health. There are many factors that contribute to individuals developing eating disorders including: genetics, family pressuresRead MoreEating Disorders : Ea ting Disorder1235 Words   |  5 PagesEating Disorders Eating disorders are a very serious psychological condition that affects your mind so that you are more focused on your food and weight than you are on everything else. The most known and most commonly diagnosed eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder; however, these are not the only eating disorders. Eating disorders cause psychical and psychological problems, which at their worst can even become life threating. Statistics show that more women are affected

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The American Foreign Policy Should Be Non-Interventionist...

The United States was once a non-interventionist nation that minded our own affairs. However, this nation is now always involved with other countries’ problems because America just cannot seem to mind its own business. The United States needs to stop getting involved in what is going on abroad frequently and start fixing problems at home because those are America’s top priority to discuss and handle. If the United States is going to consider getting involved in Foreign Affairs, the involvement should be valid and reasonable. The United States needs to significantly reduce its involvement in events abroad and mind its own business. The United States needs to stop minding other nation’s conflicts. The United States has been involved in†¦show more content†¦The involvement by military means will worsen the situation like it has in the Middle East and the relationship between the United States and Russia. â€Å"US Ambassador Samantha Power said the US rejec ted Russia’s military annexation of Crimea. She warned that the US and its allies, who imposed sanctions on Russia two days ago, are prepared to take additional steps if Russian aggression continues.† (â€Å"Russia and the US exchange threats†). Clearly threatening to start a war against a large superpower like Russia is not the best way to ensure the nation’s security and will only instigate more problems like war which is definitely something that should not happen. Another foreign conflict that the United States was involved in without a valid reason was the Abadan Crisis in Iran. It was a crisis when the Iranian government under the leadership of Mohammad Mossadegh nationalized the assets of the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) and expelled all western oil companies. The United States immediately stepped in and the CIA and the British MI6 orchestrated a coup to restore the pro-american Mohammad Reza Pahlavi back to power and have Britain and ot her new western oil corporations including ones from the United States to have their business interests in Iran. According to an article by The Guardian, British foreign secretary Sir Anthony Eden regarded Mossadegh as a serious threat to its strategic and economic interests after he nationalised the British AIOC.Show MoreRelatedThe Trends Of Foreign Policy And National Security1653 Words   |  7 PagesAmerican foreign policy has gradually changed since the birth of our nation. On July 4, 1891, John Quincy Adams addressed the Senate and House of Representatives during a powerful Independence Day speech designed to prevent an alliance with the Greeks against the Ottoman Empire. Although sympathetic to their cause, he warned against involving America in other states’ affairs, stating,† America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to Freedom and independenceRead MoreAmerica s Position On Reciprocity And Bilateral Free Trade Agree ments1574 Words   |  7 PagesCommerce of the United States in Foreign Countries† in order to consolidate America’s position on reciprocity and bilateral free trade agreements. In the document he emphasized that â€Å"free commerce and navigation are not to be given in exchange for restrictions and vexations; nor are they likely to produce a relaxation of them†. Above all, Jefferson was concerned with â€Å"fair and equal access† to all foreign markets and realized that other European mercantilist policies were not favorable towards a completelyRead More[1] In Her Widely Known Call For American Action In The1275 Words   |  6 Pages [1] In her widely known call for American action in the face of genocide, A Problem From Hell, former journalist Samantha Powers wrote â€Å"’all progress depends on the unreasonable man.’ After a century of doing so little to prevent, suppress, and punish genocide, Americans must join and thereby legitimate the ranks of the unreasonable.† Her demand was that American society at large join the few in its ranks who have vehemently fought for U.S. action in the face of genocide, long considered the â€Å"unreasonable†Read MoreAmerican Government During The Twentieth Century1626 Words   |  7 Pagesof the lives of individuals than ever before. In 1789, American government was granted the privilege to intervene in a limited amount of citizens’ affairs. Today, American Government has grown to be involved in family life, social life, and even life of foreign nations. This type of involvement is not traditional and not what America’s founding fathers intended. Life in America was not always so intertwined with government. In fact, American government did not begin to expand exponentially untilRead MoreWoodrow Wilson And Theodore Roosevelt Essay1463 Words   |  6 Pageshaving a prosperous economy built on free market system. The facets of an American identity mo stly revolved around corporate power and stability. The corporations grew at a national scale effortlessly, and within years, international; the United States was following similar footsteps of the British East India Company as an emulation to the western hemisphere. Contracted railroads, lands, and farms were the crux of American imperialism in the Americas. The strengthening grip of the corporations onRead MoreWhat Is The Importance Of Chinese Investment In Africa As A Global Trade?1346 Words   |  6 PagesAfricans have access to electricity, 54% to paved roads, 63% to piped water, 93% to cell phone service and only 30% to proper sewage. Considering that poor road, rail and port infrastructure add around 30-40% to goods traded among African countries, it should be no surprise that African economies have struggled to remain competitive in global markets (ICA). Thus, Chinese investment in infrastructure has been a cornerstone of the â€Å"win-win† approach that has benefitt ed both African and Chinese investorsRead MoreBiographical Sketch Of William Kristol Essay753 Words   |  4 Pagesorganizations that promote the neo-conservative agenda in foreign policy. In short, Mr. Kristol’s views on contemporary issues include regime change in Syria and Iran, rejection of the Iranian nuclear deal, staunch support for the defense of Israel, and the annihilation of ISIL. Major Ideas. Broadly defined, neo-conservativism advocates the assertive promotion of democracy and US national interests through military supremacy and interventionist foreign policy. It places the United States as the overseer ofRead MoreTheu.s. The Great Depression1548 Words   |  7 PagesIsolationism was the answer to fix this crisis. The favoring of isolationism in different parts of the country and people influenced the U.S foreign policies in such a way that the United States Government became an isolationist. They believed that with the various economic hardships in the country, their focus should be on domestic issues, instead of dealing with foreign affairs. The Great Depression caused diverse types of citizens, groups, and even government officials to voice their opinion for isolationismRead MoreEssay about American Foreign Policy in Syria1237 Words   |  5 PagesThere is an increasingly growing global controversy about whether the United States should intervene in the Syrian confl ict, and whether this intervention should be military or strategic. The U.S. has recently avoided interfering militarily in Syria or providing the rebels with direct support, but admitted the presence of the Syrian opposition. However, the U.S. has been criticized for its non-intervention policy, especially with the rise in the level of violence and the spread of conflict to otherRead MorePost American World Synopsis715 Words   |  3 PagesThe Post-American World We have entered a new age of economic growth. Fareed Zakaria explains in his bestseller, â€Å"The Post-American World†, that we are currently experiencing the third power shift in 500 years. In â€Å"The Post-American World†, Zakaria shows us where America stands when compared to rapidly growing countries. America can no longer hold its position of acting director on the world stage with countries rapidly catching up. It is now America’s duty to provide suggestion pertaining to problems

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Copyright Law Case Study Free Essays

string(29) " his music to sell products\." Music Business Music Technology Production Year 3 K00121700 Case Study Ronan Mitchell Abstract Copyright Law is an important entity within the music industry. It protects the owner of authorship from infringement. Infringement arises when the copyright owner’s work is used without their consent. We will write a custom essay sample on Copyright Law Case Study or any similar topic only for you Order Now Although sounds cannot be copyrighted, some cases have shown that the argument of copyrighting one’s voice can sometimes hold weight in a court of law. Singer Tom Waits sued snack manufacturer Frito Lay for hiring a singer to impersonate him in an advert. Mr. Waits felt that his artistic copyright had been infringed upon. Frito Lay’s defense argued that a voice cannot be protected by copyright law as it is a sound and not a musical piece of work. They referred to a similar case involving Bette Midler in which she sued Ford motors for using an impersonator in a commercial to imitate her voice. Although Midler lost the case, it created ambiguity over the issue of an artist’s right their voice, if they believe it to be distinctive. Tom Waits, unlike Bette Midler, won the lawsuit and earned him $2. 6 million. This case served to highlight the complexities involved with advertising agencies using, not only an artist’s work, but also their identity. Introduction The music industry is notoriously rife with legal disputes. Many of these are due to infringement of copyright. A grey area arises, however, when it comes to advertising. In a lot of cases, an artist will gladly accept royalties and/or remuneration to have their song featured in an advertisement. But in certain instances, artists will have strong opinions about having their music feature in an advertisement. When this happens, advertising companies who use this artist’s work can find themselves in the middle of an ugly legal dispute. This case study endeavors to discuss some of the legal complexities involved when advertising companies use an artist’s musical work. Several cases exist in the United States where advertising agencies ran into legal disputes over music featured in an ad, even when not infringing upon standard copyright laws. I have chosen two cases to cross examine to highlight certain legal problems that certain advertising companies face. The first case examined for this study is Tom Waits Vs Frito-Lay, Inc. In this case Tom Waits sued the Frito-Lay snack manufacturer and their advertising agency for voice misappropriation and false endorsement. Despite not infringing on any copyright laws, Waits won the case and was awarded $2. 6 million in compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees. (Roesler, 1992). The second case examined in this study will look at is Bette Midler Vs Ford Motor Co. This case, which preceded Waits lawsuit, is almost identical in that Ford’s advertising agency, Young Rubicam, Inc. hired an unknown singer to impersonate Midler on a version of her track â€Å"Do You Want To Dance†. (Lurie, 1994) Midler took legal action and sued Ford for $10 million, also citing voice misappropriation. Unlike Tom Waits case, US District Judge A. Wallace Tashima ruled against Midler, stating that the evidence presented wasn’t sufficient and that a voice is not a copyrightabl e entity (Los Angeles Times, 1989) Study To better understand the legalities that face companies in these instances, we must first develop a better understanding of what copyright law entails. In short, Copyright is a property right. It is a set of laws and regulations set in place to protect to form of expression of ideas. The ideas themselves cannot be protected by such laws. The idea must take on some tangible form, such as a recorded piece of music, a produced film, piece of art, etc. The owners of these rights are protected by copyright law from anyone who would copy their work and reproduce it for their own monetary gain without the owner’s express permission. It is the owner of the copyright who may authorize the use of their work by another party, but only they only reserve the right to do this at their discretion. Neff, 2012) Naturally, as there are many different mediums for expressing ideas, copyright law is divided into many different subsections. This is to cover all vessels for creative expression. On a simple scale, copyright subsists in four sections; Music, Film and Broadcast, Literary Publication and Original Databases. The music subset consists of Musical, Literary, Dramatic or Artistic Works. The musical copyright covers works of music that do not contain words. How notes are arranged to form melodies, song structures and chord progressions are protected by this copyright. Certain musical elements are not protected by this. If a guitarist has particularly unique guitar tone, he cannot have this protect by a copyright. A specific tone is not a tangible musical work and therefore cannot be protected. However, if the same guitarist recorded an original piece of music with that guitar tone, this recording is now a tangible body of work and can be protected by musical copyright. It is the music itself that is protected. Not the sound. (Neff, 2012) This is a particularly interesting element of Tom Waits lawsuit against Frito-Lay. The defendants argued that the â€Å"voice misappropriation† case was invalid as one cannot own the rights to certain style of singing. (UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) Tom Waits is an American singer, songwriter, composer and actor. Almost as much for his music, he is renowned for his unique gravelly, guttural singing voice. His voice has been described as sounding like â€Å"like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car. † (Graff, G Durchholz, D 1998). Tracy-Locke, Frito Lay’s advertising agent, approached Tom Waits about using is his song â€Å"Step Right Up† in an advert for RioSalsa Doritos. They put together a version of the song which featured new lyrics relevant to the product and played this for Waits. Tom Waits refused outright as he is vehemently opposed using his music to sell products. You read "Copyright Law Case Study" in category "Free Case study samples" It was interesting that they chose that particular song, as the lyrics are a satirical indictment of advertising. The song features advertising slogans used sarcastically to describe a product that supposedly does everything from â€Å"shine your car† to â€Å"make you six foot five, blonde and beautiful†. Jacobs, 2000) When he refused, the Tracy-Locke company then hired a singer to impersonate Tom Waits style of sing over a song that bared a lot of similarities the Waits â€Å"Step Right Up†. Tom Waits took legal action and sued fo r voice misappropriation and false endorsement. (Roesler, 1992) As the lyrics for the song were altered to suit the ad, Waits literary copyright was unaffected. The literary copyright pertains to a work of words which are written, spoken or sung. This work does not specifically need to be written down for the copyright to apply. A recording of such work holds he same right as literary work that is written or printed. Written musical notation also falls under this subsection regardless if it is written down, printed or recorded. (Neff, 2012) As for the musical rights to the song, it transpired that Tom Waits, despite having written the piece, did not have authorship of the copyright for â€Å"Step Right Up†. In normal circumstances, authorship of the copyright to a sound recording is held by the produce of said recording. In this case, the authorship fell to Fifth Floor Music run by Herb, Martin and Evan Cohen. Frito Lay had in fact obtained the synchronisation license from Fifth Floor Music. This licence enabled them to reproduce a new song extremely similar, albeit not identical, to â€Å"Step Right Up† to which the new jingle lyrics were added. Tom Waits was unaware of this so was unable to step in and terminate the dealings. Although, having no authorship of the copyright, it is questionable as to whether or not this would have had any sway in the proceedings at all. (Jacobs, 2000) Similarly, in Bette Midler’s case, like Waits, Midler was not the owner of the copyright. She did not write the song nor did she pen the lyrics. Ford Co. bought the rights the song â€Å"Do You Want To Dance† from the publishing company that had ownership over the copyright. This meant that Ford had no obligation to contact Bette Midler with regards to their intentions to use the song for their commercial. (Lurie, 1994) Since Midler had no ownership rights, the defense argued that her â€Å"voice misappropriation† was preempted by the copyright act. However, this was rejected as they found that copyright cannot be preempted if the subject matter â€Å"does not come within the subject matter of copyright†¦.. ncluding works or authorship not fixed in any tangible medium of expression. † (UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) It was decided that, since it was not possible to copyright a particular sound (like that of the guitar tone), the voice was not suitable copyright subject matter. Thus, copyright preemption did not apply. (UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) Al though the court ruled in favor of the defendant, Midler’s case of â€Å"voice misappropriation† raised the question of a celebrity’s right to control over their identity, with respect to commercial use. This ambiguity was vital to the outcome of Waits lawsuit only three years later. Lurie, 1994) The copyright preemption issue in Midler’s case was referred to in Waits Vs Frito Lay. The defense requested that, since Tom Waits was not the lawful owner of the music copyright, the preemption of copyright law did not apply in this instance as it had with Midler. Waits case was not for infringement of a tangible copyrightable piece of work, but for infringement of voice. Again, voices are merely sounds; and sounds are not protected by copyright law. (UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) Despite this, the defense argued that, even though they had copied Waits musical style, they did not imitate his voice. This was found to be untrue, however. It transpired that Tracy-Locke’s executive producer was quite concerned with the legal implications of their singer’s striking similarity to Waits’ voice. He requested that they record another version of the jingle asking the singer to sing less like Waits. Unhappy with the result, Frito Lay insisted they use first version. (UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) On the day that the commercial was due to air, Tracy Locke’s managing vice president spoke with their attorney regarding what legal issues they might encounter. He was advised that there was a strong possibility of legal ramification due to recent case law that recognized a distinctive voice as protectable. However, as style was not protectable, their attorney informed them that the case might hold no merit. (UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) Despite the warning, Frito Lay chose the version that imitated Tom Waits’ distinctive voice. It was proposed that the jury be given a proposed instruction on the distinction between voice and style which read, â€Å"In contemporary music, there are a great many styles or â€Å"sounds,†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Style is not subject to ownership. No singer can appropriate for himself any style and exclude others from performing in the same style. Any singer is free to sing in the same style. † (UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) This instruction was rejected by the district court. Given that there were a lot of similarities between this case and Midler’s â€Å"voice-misappropriation† case, the jury was asked to decide whether or not they found Waits’ style to be distinctive. The defense argued that the omitted instruction was an error in judgment as this then left the jury unclear as to what the distinction was between voice and style. (UMKC School of Law, n. d. Waits argued that although no copyright infringement had occurred, he felt his artistic integrity had been compromised. It was put forth that anyone had heard the advertisement would automatically assume that it was Waits singing. Waits has strongly spoken out about artists taking money to allow their music to be used to sell product. He felt that, as the Doritos advertisement jingle sounded identical to his voice and musical style, that his fans would assume he participated in the advertisement and had willing endorsed the product. This, he asserted, was damaging to his reputation and his career as an artist. UMKC School of Law, n. d. ) The jury then listened to several of Tom Waits songs to determine both his musical and vocal style. The court then played them the Doritos advertisement in question for comparison. To convince them further, Waits attorneys had them hear testimonies from people who had in fact thought that it was Waits in the advertisement. (Roesler, 1992) This argument was persuasive enough to sway the jury. They were convinced when they heard to advertisement and the testimonies that, despite the fact that no copyrightable material had been infringed upon, Waits’ artistic integrity had been compromised. The jury found that the defendants had â€Å"acted with oppression, fraud or malice† (Roesler, 1992, p. 15). Tom Waits was awarded 2. 6 million dollars in compensatory damages and attorney’s fees. Conclusion In conclusion, we can see from the above cases that copyright is a bastion for musical artists. They help to protect an artist’s right to their work and a right to their form of expression from being exploited by large companies and advertising agencies who can sometimes try to profit from their work. Although, as they are vital to protecting an artist’s creative work, we can also seen from the cases studied that they can protect much more than that. Technically, in the eyes of the law, only a tangible body of work can by protected by these rights. However, as this study has shown, in certain rare cases, these rights can be manipulated to encompass, not only an artist’s work, but their identity, persona and artistic integrity when exploited. As made evident by the unusual Tom Waits lawsuit, it seems that advertising companies in particular must wade carefully when wishing to use unlicensed music for commercials. As their sole intention is for making money, they can be looked at very callously by court jury. Thus, certain unscrupulous can land in a lot of trouble despite not infringing on a copyrighted piece of work. Although situations such as this are quite unusual, they highlight the importance of copyright law within the music industry. References Graff, G Durchholz, D 1998, Musichound Rock: The Essential Album Guide. Visible Ink, Detroit * Jacobs, J. A 2000, â€Å"Copyright: Tom waits Vs Frito Lay†, viewed 04 January 2013, www. tomwaitsfan. com/tom%20waits%20library/www. tomwaitslibrary. com/copyright-fritolay. html * Los Angeles Times (1989), Bette Midler Loses Ford Sound-Alike Lawsuit : Celebrity: $10-million suit over TV car commercial is dismissed but action against the ad agency is allowed to stand, vie wed 06 January 2013, http://articles. atimes. com/1989-10-27/business/fi-901_1_bette-midler * Lurie, K. (1994) Waits v. Frito-Lay: The Song Remains the Same.. Cardozo Arts Ent. LJ, 13, 187. , Available at: http://heinonline. org/HOL/LandingPage? collection=journalshandle=hein. journals/caelj13div=26id=page= [Accessed: 6th January 2013]. * Neff, F. 2012, â€Å"Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000; Introduction to Copyright Overview And Originality in Copyright†, * Neff, F. 012, â€Å"Authorship and Ownership of Copyright; Copyright and Related Acts 2000 Sections 21 to 23†, * Roesler, M. (1992) Waits v. Frito Lay,. 978 F. 2d 1093 (9th Cir. 1992), Available at: http://www. markroesler. com/pdf/caselaw/Waits%20v. %20Frito-Lay%20Inc. %20_1992_. pdf [Accessed: 6th January 2013] * University of Missouri Kanas City School of Law (1992) Waits v. Frito Lay, Inc. United States Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit, Available at: http://law2. umkc. edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/ communications/waits. html [Accessed: 4th January 2013]. How to cite Copyright Law Case Study, Free Case study samples

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AfroAmer Essay Example For Students

AfroAmer Essay During my early years of school, I remember being taught white accomplishments and wondering if blacks and other people of color had made any significant contributions to todays world. I noticed that television consist of all white people. Throughout my research paper I hope to cover certain aspects of African American heritage. Aspects such as blacks making up the largest minority group in the United States, although Mexican-Americans are rapidly changing that. The contributions blacks have provided to our country are immeasurable. Unfortunately though rather than recognizing these contributions, white America would rather focus on oppressing and degrading these people. As a consequence American society instinctively associated white with light and all good things; while black is associated with darkness or evil. The journey to freedom for African Americans all started in 1619 when the first twenty African slaves were brought to Jamestown to serve a land not familiar with, in order to please wealthy white settlers. For the next 150 years, Africans were uprooted from their homeland and shipped across the Atlantic ocean to the United States to be sold as if they were property in America. The majority of these slaves were imported between 1741 and 1810. By 1790 blacks made up over 19% of the U.S. population. Although slaves had different cultural backgrounds, they all shared a common way of looking at the world. The degradation and brutality of slavery caused these different tribal groups to seek out common cultural ground in order to survive the horrible experience of slavery. The common ground that slaves endured revolved around kinship and the idea of stoicism. The idea of stoicism may be a result of harsh physical conditions in Africa. Kinship was by far the most important element in the African culture. Individuality was not stressed but rather the importance of the extended family. I believe that African Americans suffering through the hardships of slavery strengthened the idea of kinship even further. The unity of the African culture became strong due to a series of trials and tribulations. The majority of the slaves were employed in agricultural areas in the South. By the mid-19th century, a large number of slaves worked in urban areas as well, and about 5% worked in more industrial occupations. The hours of the slave workers were long. The average life expectancy of African slaves was at least 12% lower than whit Americans in 1850 and the infant mortality rate was 25% higher for slaves. Oftentimes slave marriages and families dissolved due to separation. This concept is horrible when you take under consideration that family was the entire basis of African culture. Although frequent separation occurred slaves were very careful to pass on the surnames of their black family of origin to their children. Kinship again is an importance in African society. Although the first steps towards in improvements for African-American culture began in the North, social and economic conditions didnt improve much at all. The racial attitudes of whites were still obvious among the white society. Laws banning interracial marriage and voting among free blacks accompanied every northern state emancipation. These laws were supposedly designed to prevent mass migration of southern blacks to the North. Race relations did, however, improve in the North after the CivilWar. Even though this was the case Northern blacks had no political nor economic base to begin their struggle for equality and self-actualization. The one aspect of African-Americans lives that were in their hands was religion. This was utilized to unit the blacks in America during the ant-baalim period. There was a great black exodus from white churches that went on for thirty years. Blacks to create unity throughout the African-American culture created churches. The style of sermon within t hese churches reflected the call-response patternsof traditional African-American music. These churches were responses of alienation segregation from white churches. It was leaders of these churches who provided the majority of leadership in the South after the Civil War. The organization of campaigns and boycotts against segregated public schools and public facilities began. The laws passed were very easy to evade. In 1896, Plessy vs. Ferguson fully legalized segregation using the phrase separate but equal for justification. However separate was never equal in this case. Thus American apartheid continued. Math Perceptions of Taiwanese and American childrenSix months after the Brown decision, on December1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a black seamstress, exhausted after along workday, refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. Her arrest sparked the year long Montgomery buses boycott. The next decade involved an increased violent protest. This era became known as the Civil Rights Movement. The early 1960s involve sit-in demonstrations, freedom rides, and mass street demonstrations. White society as well as traditional black leaders realized it was a time for change. The leaders of the movement broke away from the traditional leadership tactics. The masses of people involved showed that changes needed to come that effected Black America as a whole. In 1957, less than 40 years ago, under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was organized. Dr. King encouraged non-violent direct action. However, these non-violent protests often ended in violence behind the hands of white police officers. Anything from tear gas or water hoses were used on African-Americans. These people who were not only black but also whites were treated like animals. Believe it or not this occurred 40 years ago. In 1947 President Eisenhower reluctantly federalized the National Guard to enforce desegregation in the schools. White Southerners did everything in their power to prevent desegregation. By 1964 a decade after the Brown decision, less than 2% of southern blacks attended integrated schools, which was only 30 years ago. Throughout The Civil Rights Movement in the 60s, individuals repeatedly disobeyed laws that violated the civil rights of blacks. Civil disobedience peaked during the summer of 1963. Protesters filled southern jails. A nonviolent march to our nations capitol involved approximately 200,000 whites and blacks protesting the violation of civil rights of blacks. The next two summers President Johnson legalized two more civil ri ghts bills. These bills opened up public facilities and voting booths to blacks for the first time since the 1890s. Along with these achievements came increased violence. On June 12, 1963 the leader of the NAACP, Midgar Evers, was assassinated outside his home. Riots in Harlem in 1964, Watts in 1965, Cleveland in 1967, and Detroit in 1968 were all reactions to frustrations of oppressed black people. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s assassination on April 4, 1968 caused an eruption of violence in a number of cities. The majority of all the riots took place in northern cities. In the South the movement was easier accepted because the gain of southern blacks overshadowed the deaths. These were sacrifices that blacks unwillfully gave. The conditions in the North werent as bad so they viewed the martyrs as needless deaths for African-Americans, which further heightened frustration. Although the mid-1960s brought about extreme violence and tragedy, it also brought about steep progress as a who le. Between 1964 and 1968 there was an 85% increase in black college enrollment. In 1974 a survey showed that the majority of black children (50% in the South, 66% in the North), still attend predominantly black schools. This segregation in school also caused residential segregation. There has definitely been progress being made but there was, and still is a very long way to go before equality can be achieved. The ignorance is still on the back burner; we need to completely get rid of it. White society has a difficulty accepting African-American culture. Its difficult for many whites to see the beauty of African-American culture because they are too busy trying to fabricate justifications for inferiority of blacks. Mutual respect is without a doubt essential before equality can be achieved. The white ideas that have so long haunted Black America hopefully will completely disappear in the near future. But after seeing movies like the one you showed on the Ku Klux Klan it is going to be hard to completely throw prejudice away. There are far too many ignorant people in todays society, I just pray that our next generations will understand equality. Bibliography:Lefton, Lester A. (1994). Sociology. Needham Heights, MAAllyn and Bacon. 96-150